New Buildings

We work to improve people's lives. For the real needs of people. In all our projects there is an imaginary line that we have never stopped following: the one that unites us to people and their needs. We present future projects that we have already started, new illusions, a reality adapted to you.

New-build development of 24 homes, distributed over 6 floors, with commercial duplex premises of over 600m² on the ground floor and mezzanine and three basement parking floors. Building located at Av. Meridiana, 256 in the Barcelona district of La Sagrera, with the main façade to the street facing east, and the rear, which gives on to the interior courtyard of the block, to the west. The 4 multi-family homes on each landing can be reached both by stairs and two elevators. Flats of 55-70 m² with 1 or 2 bedrooms. All flats have a balcony and, in addition, numbers 1º 1ª and 1º 2ª have access to a large terrace facing the interior of the block. Numbers 1º 2ª and 1º 3ª also have access to an interior patio. Open-plan kitchens integrated into the living-dining room and laundry area. Parquet flooring in all rooms, except bathrooms, and excellent quality finishes. Can you imagine enjoying a dip when you get home after a long day, and relaxing in the heart of the hectic Meridiana? Well, the residential complex is perfectly set off with a communal area on the roof with pool and solarium area, which will share space with the clothes drying area, building-related installations and solar energy collection system, for better energy efficiency. La Sagrera is a district of contrasts. A cosy family neighbourhood with a spectacular quality of life and an old town centre that exudes peace and tranquillity, hidden from the hustle and bustle of Av. Meridiana by the tall industrial-style blocks that surround one of the city’s main arterial routes, an iconic entrance to Barcelona, its industrial past still in evidence today, with the iconic factories converted into parks, businesses and centres for art and creativity. Come and discover how Meridiana is being transformed, a remodelling in which pedestrians, cycling and public transport will have greater prominence, with an increase in green open spaces and areas to relax, giving the avenue a more pleasant aspect. The development enjoys excellent communications with the city centre and surroundings, both by car and public transport, and is packed with educational facilities, health care, gyms, civic centres, numerous shops and other neighbourhood services. MERIDIANA, 256 Commercialization at middle of 2019