How we have evolved

In 70 years, everything evolves. That goes for our company too, diversifying its real estate assets to adapt to market needs. And at the same time so has our image, which has been renewed and adapted in line with the graphic language of the time, although always maintaining the link with the company’s family origins. And so, from its inception, the trademark with the two Ns as its main feature has been a constant in the company’s image. Over time, it has been adapted to the various trends of the moment and, regardless of the greater or lesser presence of the full logo, the two Ns in their various styles and graphic representations, and their ability to be associated with the products and services offered, have remained unaltered.


That family characteristic was there right from the appearance of the first image with which the company was identified. The two upper case Ns, taken from the surnames of the founders of the company to which they gave their names, Josep Lluís Núñez Clemente and his wife Maria Lluïsa Navarro, make up that first image. The link acquired even more strength in the second logo, in which the Núñez and Navarro surnames are incorporated into the company’s graphic image. The next step was, in a way, a synthesis of what the previous two intended to put across, with a clear definition of the two Ns as an image associated with the company on the one hand and, on the other, an arrangement of one above the other in perspective to indicate their activities in the construction industry.

The next graphic image can be seen as an evolution of the previous one. The two Ns are now placed side by side and in perspective to form a corner framed inside a circle to give it compositional stability, bringing back the logo and placing it centrally below the circle, contributing to the stability defined by the vertical axis. The following evolution, which is organised compositionally from the horizontal axis, retains the circle with the two Ns, in this case on the same plane, but placed at different heights with the colour contrast maintained, as an abstraction of the previous one. The layout of the logo to its right and centred in relation to the circle in this case determines this solution’s horizontality. The next step was more of a redesign of the previous one than a new version. The composition is the same – circle and logo arranged horizontally – the two Ns being modified by sharing the vertical pole and placed on the same line and the proportion of the logo, which increases in relation to the circle, together with the use of another lower-case sans serif typeface.

And so we come to 2019, the date on which our Group turns 70 years old. And we do so with a renewed version of the company’s first graphic brand, to which we have added the reference to our 70 years of history.