Who we are

Residential property, historic buildings, offices, industrial and commercial premises, car parks, hotels... At Núñez i Navarro our work focuses on people’s real needs, and on making their dreams of a better life come true. Because everything we build is designed for life. That’s why we believe in open architecture, which helps us become involved with a city, Barcelona, which is more human. With consistency, creativity, emotion... By harnessing and adapting to every new opportunity afforded by a new era, but always with the professionalism and experience that has characterised our corporate group for more than 70 years.



Everything we do is on a personal level. In terms of treatment, service and attention, we always look for a close line of one on one, emotional communication. Within and outside the company, with customers, colleagues and suppliers. We never forget that our mission has a lot to do with happiness. Open configuration options



Our experience and our customers endorse our work, for we have helped thousands of people find their ideal home or the best premises for their business. Always with confidence, individual attention and a team of professionals who are experts in everything related to the construction and property development industry.


The founder

Josep Lluís Núñez Clemente (1931-2018) was the founder and chairman of Grupo Núñez i Navarro. He was a strong advocate of a family focused business, people being its primary asset.

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Times change, and so do people’s needs. We adapt by incorporating the latest advances in all our projects, including technology, materials, architecture, interior design, urban design... We always look to the future.



In 70 years, everything evolves. That goes for our company too, diversifying its real estate assets to adapt to market needs. And at the same time so has our image, which has been renewed and adapted in line with the graphic language of the time, although always maintaining the link with the company’s family origins

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