Josep Lluís Núñez Clemente


Josep Lluís Núñez Clemente (1931-2018) was the founder and chairman of Grupo Núñez i Navarro until his death.

With his wife, Maria Lluïsa Navarro, he set up the company in the mid-20th Century. Thanks to his dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit and careful financial management, the company went on to become a market leader in the sector of building, developing and commercializing residential properties, car parks and commercial premises.

From the very start of the company’s operations in the 1950s, Josep Lluís Núñez was committed to the Catalan capital and strove to improve the environment in which people spent their lives.

Over time, the Group’s operations diversified with the creation of the hotel division and the refurbishment of iconic buildings in Barcelona, such as La Rotonda, Casa Lleó Morera and the Compañía de Tabacos de Filipinas.

He instilled his own personal way of understanding life throughout the organization, creating an eminently family-run company in which the human factor was always the most important aspect. The company was shaped by the strength and cohesion of the entire team of employees, for whom he always professed a deep sense of gratitude and loyalty. Our founder saw people as our fundamental asset, which is a philosophy that still pervades throughout the company today.

A positive person and tireless worker, he remained true to his ideals. He became a public figure when he became the President of Barcelona Football, Club, a position that he held from 1978 and 2000. He was always a free man, who managed to fulfil all his goals, leaving a deep and lasting impression on Barcelona, the city that he loved so much.