Núñez i Navarro

Based on its corporate values, the Núñez i Navarro Group aims to develop its business activity in a responsible and sustainable manner: committed to the high quality of its services and promotions, guaranteeing the health and well-being of its teams, clients and collaborators, as well as protecting the environment and improving its surroundings.

For this reason, Núñez i Navarro has established a Sustainability Policy, incorporating its principles into the company's strategy.



Over the years, our conscious commitment to sustainability grows and expands to all our areas of activity, where we place people at the centre. We prioritise the development of all our teams; the creation of a working environment of safety and well-being, maximising risk prevention measures; and the implementation of social and environmental indicators, working hand in hand with collaborators who work together to create sustainable and quality spaces: adapted to the environment, waste minimisers and with the maximum energy efficiency.

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AENOR Certificates

NÚÑEZ I NAVARRO remains dedicated to its commitments of increasing measures of environmental protection and sustainability, and the development of a safe and healthy working environment.

The effective application of these commitments within the company's promotional department has led to the development of an Integrative System (SIG) for Quality, Environment, Safety and Security, in conformity with the international management standards ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 45001. The project has been certified by the prestigious entity AENOR.

Núñez i Navarro is one of the largest developers and builders in the private sector, and has obtained certification for the following activities: "Real estate promotion (design, construction and sales) of residential apartment buildings, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, parking lots, industrial buildings, health centers, sports facilities, and housing developments."

The application of SIG has yielded improvements in the management of these processes, as well as in the services the company provides to clients, collaborators, and employees, while strengthening Núñez i Navarro's position in the current market and in future developments.




Rehabilitation is both the action and the effect of rehabilitation. Re-enable. Live. Work. Stay. We do not rehabilitate out of necessity but out of conviction: because we believe in it. We look back to keep going. We think that it is the best, the only way to do it.

Recovering the splendor of unique buildings in the catalonian capital is part of our DNA. More than 70 years ago we built Barcelona together. For three decades, we have contributed to the preservation of part of the historical and artistic heritage of and for all Barcelonians.

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Code of Ethics

Our aim at Núñez i Navarro Group is to create long-term value by maintaining a firm and constant commitment to the welfare and development of our Personnel, the city and society in general. To achieve this we have to be committed to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of activity. Hence the need to establish our own Code of Ethics, a document that reflects the fundamental principles and values that should govern our daily work, an essential document for the growth and success of the Group that we are all a part of.

Living and working in accordance with the principles of this Code dignifies us and makes both us and the Núñez i Navarro Group itself, better.