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Muro Dani i Fidel
Dani i Fidel
Dani & Fidel
Dani Bermúdez and Fidel de Tovar are a creative team known for their manga style work. They became known in the comic book industry with Arashiyama (Norma Editorial), a work with which they won the Best National Manga Award at the Barcelona Comic Book Show. Their subsequent work, Liquid Memories (Norma Editorial) won the same award and made them the only authors to have won it two years in a row.


Diputació, 420
Wall size:
20,88 m x 2,5 m
End date:


‘I think that using the walls to bring art to the city in such a direct and radical way is the best thing that could happen to Barcelona. It’s like taking a museum onto the street with a great visual impact’.
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