NN Wallery - DXTR

Behind the pseudonym DXTR is the illustrator Dennis Schuster, a well-known street artist from Berlin who stands out for his works of art on the walls of international cities. The German artist combines his murals with advertising campaigns, among which brands such as Adobe, Levi's or Pepsi stand out, among others. In his work he mixes typographical and urban elements with various characters. Schuster's mural from the NN Wallery project is the first work that the author has completed in Barcelona. His artistic work will be open to the public at the junction of Valencia and Rogent streets from October 18th.


València, 595 - Rogent, 30-32
Wall size:
50 m x 2,5 m
End date:


"I tried to create some sort of mural in the style of "Where's Wally?", fresh and funky; a fun and light-hearted tribute to the beautiful city of Barcelona, its inhabitants, its monuments and its spirit in general."


Within the framework of the sustainable project of NN Wallery, we find an artist of international calibre for the first time. We're talking about Dennis Schuster, known as DXTR, one of the most internationally acclaimed urban artists, who will be working on his ephemeral work of urban art on the construction wall of the future València - Rogent development of flats.





For the NN Wallery project, in addition to capturing his own image and interpretation of Barcelona in a live show, the artist has prepared a game to interact with his audience. DXTR will hide dodecahedron-shaped stars in his work, in homage to the star of Gaudí's Sagrada Familia that crowns the tower of the Virgin Mary. Thus, the artist intends to invite his visitors and spectators to discover each one of the figures hidden in the mural and be photographed with them.



DXTR started painting graffiti in 1999, and six years later he moved to Düsseldorf to broaden his artistic scope and study design. He has worked with clients such as Amnesty International, Disney, Nike and Nickelodeon, among many others, and has exhibited in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Detroit, Boston, Vienna, Rome and Shanghai. In addition, since 2011 he has been part of the artistic collective of urban illustrators called "The Weird", of which he is also the founder.