Brick walls will never be the same. They’ll now be works of art. NNWALLERY is a project by Núñez i Navarro, in collaboration with Norma Editorial, which transforms brick walls into spectacular murals where the city's street artists freely express what it is about Barcelona that inspires their work. Top graffiti artists, legendary cartoonists or brilliant illustrators of the latest comic books have joined a project that also aims to pay tribute to all the citizens of Barcelona.


- Street Art by Núñez i Navarro - 


The artists

Pez: av. Barcelona, 4 (Sant Joan Despí) Dani Torres: Marina, 202 Marina Capdevila: Manso, 56 Sagar: Fraternitat, 3-5 Maria Llovet: Enamorats, 40 Dani Bermúdez: Diputació, 420 Danide: Diputació, 459 Pep Brocal: Espronceda, 254 Laia López: Providència, 168 Brosmind: av. Riera de Cassoles, 6 Óscar García: Bacardí, 40 (L’Hospitalet).

The murals of Manso 56, Diputació 420, Diputació 459, Marina 202, Enamorats 40 and Fraternitat 3-5 have already been withdrawn since the construction of these developments has finished.


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